2021 BMW Motorrad C400X and C400GT scooters upgraded – Euro 5, brake callipers, new colours, ASC

First launched in 2018, upgrades have been implemented for the 2021 BMW Motorrad C400X and C400GT scooters. The latest enhancements improve ride ability and bring this pair of scooters inline with Euro 5 emissions standards.

Improvements to the C400 scooters include ride-by-wire – what BMW Motorrad calls “E-gas” or electronic throttle grip – which helps with idling stability, combined with a throttle valve bypass and turbulence system. Other engine enhancements include a modified catalytic convertor, wideband oxygen sensor, modifications to the cylinder head and adapted wiring harness.

In addition to E-gas and new engine management, the springs in the C400’s centrifugal clutch have been optimised to eliminate clutch lag, a known issue with scooters using centrifugal clutches. This is done with increased spring force and slightly raised engine speed when the clutch re-engages, with tolerances reduced to compress the spread of engine speed during automatic clutch operation.



Power numbers from the engine room remains the same as previous, with 34 hp at 7,500 rpm and 35 Nm of torque at 6,000 rpm coming from the single-cylinder, liquid-cooled, four-valve, OHC mill. Automatic Stability Control (ASC) has also been revised, with recalibration of the system for radius, such as when changing tyres, now done automatically.

ASC has also been revised to handle lower friction road surfaces, giving a sensitive response on wet and slippery roads. Braking also sees a similar upgrade, with the twin callipers on the front wheel giving stable feedback and a well defined “bite” point and the left and right brake levers are now aligned for travel, giving a symmetrical feel to operation.


Other improvements include lighting in the 31-litre underseat storage compartment while the front cowl storage compartment now adds a USB charging socket alongside the current 12-Volt power outlet. There are three colour variants each for the C400X and C400GT with the C400X coming in base Blackstorm Metallic and Granite Grey metallic and Style Sport in Blackstorm Metallic and RacingBlue matte metallic being extra cost options.

For the C400GT, the base model can be had in Alpine White, while Kallisto Grey Metallic and Style Triple Black will cost extra. For Malaysia, the 2019 BMW Motorrad C400X and C400GT are priced at RM44,500 and RM48,500, respectively.



GALLERY: 2021 BMW Motorrad C400X




GALLERY: 2021 BMW Motorrad C400GT