YKS MOTASU is the new kid on the block, established in 2020, to specifically cater to the large and rapidly evolving ecommerce and retail automotive marketplace in Malaysia. This company might seem young, but the people behind it, especially our founder, has been in the industry for over 15 years.

As a group of young, dedicated individuals, our vison is clear. We want to simplify the everyday life for the many people, to be a solution provider company. YKS MOTASU constantly find new ways to innovate and improve in all areas to provide a future shopping experience. We are about Change, and new ways of working, transforming our world for a sustainable and exciting future.

We believe in always bringing our best, being responsive, and building great relationships with our customers, suppliers, and teams. Motorcycles is what we love, and we love what we do.

Because we embrace the tech available to us, we use the latest technology to provide the best and most efficient techniques needed to help service your vehicles and shopping experience. This way we are also evolving with the times, which keeps our competitors on their toes and encourages us to keep improving and innovating. Score for our customers!

Besides the passion, enthusiasm, and awesome service, we also connect with our customers. At YKS MOTASU, you’re the boss! So, feel free to express yourself, talk to us, and be transparent. We’re not just going to shove certain products or services in your face to make a sale. We listen, we consider, and we advise according to your unique needs.

Check out our products catalogue here on our website or pop us a message. One of us will get in touch with asap.
Do not deal with your problems by yourself—we’re here to help you!

Company Vision  
To simplify the everyday life for the many people, we are a solution provider company.

Mission Statement
Any development of the company must comply with the needs of the times, continue to innovate, change the traditional standardization and uphold excellence service, provide top notch products for the society, and provide meaningful work for the team, hence create values for shareholders and other partners. We want to be a company that grows and do our best every day.